Training Camps

16 Pro Cycling Teams Can't Be Wrong!

Are you searching for your next road cycling training camp?  Look no further, we think we've found it!

If you ever want to know where the best places are to train for endurance, fitness and to improve your skills, then all you need to do is follow the Pro Cycling Teams. They invest lots of time, effort and money researching the best destinations for the teams in order to get them ready for race season.

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New Destination Costa Daurada

We are excitied to announce the launch of our new destination Costa Daurada. 

Talk to most cyclists and they will tell you about Mallorca and the great cycling trips that they have enjoyed there, but very few of them will mention the Costa Daurada, just a short distance away, on the Spanish Mainland.

The Costa Daurada is an area steeped in history and culture.  Its capital city Tarragona, was once the second most important city in the Roman Empire and today is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with some of the best preserved Roman ruins in Europe.

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