Lanzarote Beginner's Week Ride 4

Ride 4

Today was our last ride day and a ride to remember.

I didn’t think we could top yesterday’s but I think for all of us, today’s ride is the one we will remember the most and the one we are all most proud of.  I have loved each of the rides we have done, each day bettering the previous days in one way or another. 

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Five Reasons to go on a Beginner's Cycling Holiday

Have you considered going on a Beginner’s Cycling Holiday, but talked yourself out of it?

When Paul suggested I go on one of our Beginner’s Cycling Holiday, I was petrified!  These were the reasons why I didn’t want to go:

1.      I’m a beginner – I haven’t done much cycling before.

2.      I’ve never ridden in a group before.

3.      I don’t have confidence at going down hills.

4.      I find going up hills tough!

5.      I don’t have much knowledge about cycling and how to do it right!


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