Our Price Match Guarantee

How to Make a Claim

mollydoo is committed not only to providing excellent customer service, but we also track prices daily to make sure we can give you the lowest price and most competitive options every time.
Send an email to pricematch@mollydoo.com within 24 hours of your booking, with the following:

  1. Your booking reference, you'll find this in the confirmation email we sent you.
  2. The name of the website you saw the cheaper inclusive package on, together with a screenshot of the offer and details of full price. How to take a screenshot
  3. Your full name, and a contact telephone number in case we need to reach you.

You'll receive an acknowledgment of your request; we'll review the details and get back to you with an answer, via email, within three working days.

Once we've processed your claim, please allow 14 days for the refund to be credited to the same card used to make the original booking. This will appear as a second transaction on your statement. The time taken for the refund to appear on the credit or debit card statement varies, so the amount may not show on your next statement.

Full Terms & Conditions

  1. If you book any Inclusive Package with mollydoo and then find the same package for less on another website priced in pounds sterling, we will refund you the difference, subject to the terms and conditions below:
  2. The Price Match Guarantee will only apply to bookings for an Inclusive Package made on mollydoo.com website. It does not apply if you book a flight only or a hotel only.
  3. The Price Match Guarantee will only apply to bookings made on the mollydoo website which are then compared to offers made on another website that is priced in pounds sterling.
  4. We must receive your email requesting the Price Match Guarantee within 24 hours of you booking the Inclusive Package. The Price Match Guarantee does not apply to bookings for Inclusive Packages made within 14 weeks of departure. The Price Match Guarantee request must be emailed to the address, and include all of the required supporting information, specified on the mollydoo website.
  5. The person responsible for making the booking (lead name) must make the claim.
  6. The Inclusive Package you are asking us to Price Match must be from a legitimate ABTA Member and/or ATOL holder's website, available to book online and must include any handling charges, booking fees, credit card fees and such like.
  7. The Price Match Guarantee does not include mollydoo matching our own offers which may change subject to availability or packages sold through internet auction sites.
  8. mollydoo must be able to obtain the same price without being a member or part of a loyalty scheme.
  9. Before we can accept your request, we must be satisfied that: (a) the Inclusive Package you found on the other website was identical (including, as applicable, the same class of service on the flight, the same flight number, and the same room type and board basis at the same hotel, the same transportation services, the same cycling tours and if applicable the same bike hire and any included excursions or activities, also the same duration, party size, and dates); and (b) the product you found on the other website was available to book on that website (i.e. not subject to availability or on request) at the time you took your screenshot, and is priced fully and accurately.
  10. The Price Match Guarantee will not apply if the cheaper offer on the other website is obtained via a limited time promotion, promo code, cash back, coupon, voucher or member’s discount.
  11. When assessing your request, we will only compare total product prices (which will include the cost of the product plus handling and delivery charges as well as any taxes, fees or other charges, whether payable at the time of booking or on departure or arrival).
  12. mollydoo obtains the best live prices at the time of your booking. Prices do change and the costs may go up or down in the future, but when you book you are then guaranteed the price applicable at the time of booking. Some suppliers (e.g. airlines and hotels) may reduce or increase their prices closer to departure or during sale periods, but mollydoo will have already paid the original price on your behalf. Therefore, we can only guarantee an Inclusive package price for 24 hours because prices can go up or down by the following day.
  13. Please note we cannot accept responsibility where you have failed to send us the information requested in the format required or where a URL from the site you are asking us to Price Match is no longer active, as it prevents us from viewing the comparison holiday.  Should this mean that we are unable to view a Price Match request from you on the day of purchase we will not be obliged to match the price for a booking if you later send a working URL or complete screen shot.
  14. Refunds will only be issued on bookings where the full balance of the holiday has been paid by you i.e. the Price Match Guarantee does not apply to deposit only bookings.
  15. We can only make refunds onto the card used to make the original booking.
  16. We reserve the right to change or withdraw the Price Match Guarantee at any time.