Sierra Espuna, Murcia, Costa Calida

An ideal destination for the keen MTB enthusiast and offers the popular 146Km Espubike official challenge. Espuña is a sparsely populated, forested mountainous area in which you will find small villages and country houses in rural settings.

It is one of the most accessible areas of outstanding natural beauty in Murcia. In this area, you can also explore interesting tiny towns such as Aledo, Alhama de Murcia, Pliego, Mula and Totana as well as villages such as Santa Leocadia, El Purgatorio, El Berro, Gebas and Casas Nuevas.

  • Alicante aiport is only 1 hour away from Espuna National Park
  • The area is best visited in the Spring, Autumn and Winter months as its too hot in summer for activities such as hiking and cycling.

Sierra Espuña is a mountain range of more than 25,000 hectares in the centre of the region of Murcia in between the two valleys of the Guadalentin and Pliego rivers. In April 1995 17,804 hectares were declared as Parque Regional, giving it a protected status in terms of conservation, although even before that these mountains had a long history of conservation. 

All this in addition to not only the Parque Regional of Sierra Espuña but also the amazing white moonscapes of ‘los Barrancos de Gebas’, with its spectacular reservoir in ‘la rambla de Algericas’. Spectacular areas such as el Valle del Leyva, with its impressive steep rock cliffs, are favourites with climbers near and far. The snowhouses – ‘pozos de la nieve’ in the highest part of the mountains, were ancient ice factories belonging to our ancestors, and attract many interested visitors.

  • There is over 300km of tarmac for the road cyclists but also 150km of MTB trails, from easy tracks, to very technical single tracks and can offer the beginner or serious enduro cyclist many choices. 
  • You can climb as high as 1,500 metres and there are some awesome downhills as well as climbs. There is also the official Espuna MTB route which covers 146Km around the national park.

Sierra Espuna, Murcia, Costa Calida
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