• Andorra
    Host of the 2018 Vuelta Espania


Andorra is the country of the Pyrenees, the country of snow, shopping and hot springs. Adventure, rich landscapes and relaxation. Also music and Romanesque. Gastronomy and business. All in an area of 468 km2 in a small independent country with more than a thousand years of history. Andorra is also famous for its wealth of Cycling adventures, including Mountain Biking down some of the worlds best trails and boasting a array of Mountain climbs fo rthe Road Cyclist, also a well establish host of La Vuelta Espania.

Located between France and Spain, the country is well known for its prestigious ski-resorts of Grandvalira and Vallnord, totalling over 300 km of ski-slopes, and for its proximity to Nature. 90% of the country is forestland and one of its valleys, the Madriu, is a UNESCO heritage site. In addition, it offers more than 1,500 boutiques with very low taxes, and its hotels and services make it the country of great experiences

Andorran cuisine is sure to give you a taste of the aromas and flavours of the mountains. Try seasonal products that can only be sampled at certain times of the year, such as wild mushrooms, winter vegetables, charcuterie, etc.

But first of all, here are some of the most traditional Andorran dishes:

Escudella is a light pork stew with seasonal vegetables. A traditional dish typically served during winter and at popular events. At Christmas, you can try the dish with a traditional type of pasta, called sopa de galets or sopa grossa.

Trinxat de montanya is a typical Pyrenees dish made with winter cabbage, potatoes, garlic and tocino.

Andorran cannelloni are a variant of the Catalan recipe featuring a mix of minced lamb, pork and chicken inside pasta rolls and served with bechamel sauce.

Game dishes such as jugged hare or wild boar stewed in red wine are popular at the beginning of the hunting season and are typically served with vegetables and wild mushrooms. With the onset of the fishing season, you can sample pan-fried trout with almonds and cured ham known as Trucha a la Andorrana.

Cod used to be eaten as a main course like herring or eel, types of fish that reached mountain areas thanks to salting techniques. Nowadays you can try Andorra's most traditional cod dish, cod au gratin with aioli (garlic and olive oil) sauce.

In Andorra, cycling is an intense experience. The Principality has 21 mountain passes! This is why the Vuelta de España and Tour de France choose our roads to organise their blue riband stages, with climbs of all categories, including 1st and Specials.

Arcalís, Arinsal and Cabús are just some of the many passes that'll make you feel like a true champion, while enjoying all the natural beauty of Andorra.

Cycling fans in Andorra don't just come out on the days of Tour or Vuelta stages. As you'll see when you visit us, there are cyclists from all parts on the Principality's roads, especially in spring and summer. Cyclists who, like you, are attracted by our tough mountain passes, the spectacular natural landscapes and wealth of cultural heritage.

The asphalt on Andorran roads, especially those for cycle tourism, is in perfect condition for endurance road bikes. In addition, the routes described in the guide usually have information panels. Access the description for each stage to get more details and find out whether there are currently any incidents, such as road works to improve the surface.

“The weather is normally in summer quite good — not too hot like it can be at sea level sometimes,” Howson said. “But also, surprising as it might be, in the colder months, providing you wear the appropriate clothing and stuff the weather … you’d be surprised how much sun it still gets in those colder months.”

Tourism brochures claim that Andorrans enjoy sunshine for 300 days a year with average summer maximums in the mid-20s Celcius, and average winter maximums in the low-teens.