Uncastillo is a unique monumental site in Aragon, 10 kilometres north of Zaragoza and is within easy reach by car. Its centre is home to impressive historic-artistic heritage.

Uncastillo is situated in the Pre-Pyrenees (lower mountain range of the Spanish Pyrenees) and is an area of contrasts. In just a few kilometers, you can go from the deserted Bardenas Reales Natural Park (featured in season six of the Game of Thrones) to the lush and mountainous protected landscape of the Sierra de Santo Domingo.

Uncastillo is considered to be "the best Romanesque group of the 12th century in Spain", and is one of the most beautiful villages in Aragon. With a Romanesque church, magnificent castle, stone walls, Jewish quarters and Renaissance buildings, this is an impressive medieval site and is more than enough to justify a biking adventure to this undiscovered and beautiful, unspoilt region of Spain.

The landmarks that mark the landscape of the Pre-Pyrenees are full of forests, medium mountain rivers, ridges and gorges. And all in the most absolute loneliness.

In short, Uncastillo and the surrounding area is a paradise to escape to from the busy cities and resorts, as a solo traveller, couple or as a family.  Hiking, cycling and mountain biking is a luxury experience and not one to miss.

Uncastillo is in the region of Aragon and one of the most characteristic dishes of the traditional gastronomy of Aragon is roast lamb (prepared especially with ewes), known as ternasco.

The salted cod imported from other parts of Spain was also traditionally used in some dishes such as in the Albóndigas de bacalao.

Some of the most well-known main ingredients used in dishes include ham (jamón) from Teruel, olive oil from Empeltre and Arbequina olives, sweet varieties of onion, and unusual vegetables such as borage and cardoon.

Sweet specialities are the trenza de Almudevar, the tortas de alma, guirlache (a type of nougat), adoquines, frutas de Aragón (a confit of fruit covered in chocolate) and Españoletas (a kind of local cookie).

The best wines of the region are those from Cariñena, Somontano (Huesca), Calatayud and Campo de Borja.

Cycling in this historic quarter is very special with varied landscapes that take you back in time to the Romanesque and Medieval times. The wild landscape of Bardenes, with its unusual rock formation and badlands, provides great fun for the mountain biker. Ravines, forests, mountain views and valleys are all features of this area of Aragon. 

So whether you are road or a MTB'er, this region will not fail to please you, it's a magical cycling paradise.

Aragon, Uncastillo
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Aragon, Uncastillo
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