Legendary Climbs at La Vuelta Espania, Asturias

I was kindly provided with this video clip from the Asturias tourist board and it highlights just how historic and spectacular the Vuelta Espania actually is. We all know that the Tour de France is the most famous and iconic race in the world of cycling but the Vuelta Espania seems to get overlooked, maybe cycling fans are exhuasted watching 3 weeks of the Tour de France and see the Vuelta as second class? Maybe I am wrong but what you cannot ignore is the amazing landscape that this grand Spanish cycling race has to offer.

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Inside the La Vuelta Espania 2016 stage 10

An exciting venture full of risk, danger, adventure, bloody accidents, authority and passion; this is how I would sum up our experience at the stage 10, La Vuelta 2016.

One of three Grand Cycling Tours in the world cycling calendar, the Vuelta Espania is Spain’s biggest cycling professional event. It includes around 200 professional road cyclists and is the last of the three main events; the others being of course the Tour de France and the Giro de Italia.

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Poncebos to Sotres, Asturia

Today, we climbed one of the famous ascents in the Asturias region. An average of over 14% for 14.5Km  and ramping up to 18%, not as difficult as yesterday when we tackled the Angrilura, which ramped up to 23.5%. The climb takes approx 2 hours for an average cyclist and it takes you through some stunning scenery and a valley with a sculptured like rock face on either side. The last 1 km is a challenging 18% with twists and turns but the reward at the top is the beautiful town of Sortes, with some amazing places to eat.

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Mollydoo Vuelta a Espania Tour - Asturia

Over the next few days Mollydoo will be cycling around the province of Asturia in northern Spain. We are very lucky to be invited on this 4 day trip around the area to sample the cycling in the area, both MTB and Road bike. We wish to express our thanks to the Asturias touris board for providing Mollydoo with such an exciting experience. Whats even better is the Vuelta a Espania is in the area over the next few days and we will be joining stage 10 of the Vuelta and following the 190+ riders in one of the Vuelta cars.

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The Toughest Climb in Spain? – Take on the Cycling Challenge - Angliru

One of my favourite destinations for cycling is of course Spain and when I was invited by the Asturias tourist board to visit Asturias, I was extremely excited, especially as it included a place in one of the organiser’s sponsors car following the riders of stage 10 of the 2016 Vuelta. Above all I heard that the area is beautiful and boasts some of the finest food in Spain, including Cider and Cheese, what a combination!

However, reality is setting in as part of the trip involves a climb up the Angliru, which according to various sources is the toughest climb in Spain, ouch!

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