16 Pro Cycling Teams Can't Be Wrong!

Are you searching for your next road cycling training camp?  Look no further, we think we've found it!

If you ever want to know where the best places are to train for endurance, fitness and to improve your skills, then all you need to do is follow the Pro Cycling Teams. They invest lots of time, effort and money researching the best destinations for the teams in order to get them ready for race season.

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Catalonia cycling, a real cycling paradise!

It was great to see Catalonia in the news last week and especially a feature on cycling in the area. Most articles I see seem to feature on places like Majorca, which is great but its time to get some focus on other areas in Spain, especially the more undiscovered areas, they have a lot to offer the cyclist and are not so commercial and over crowded. Places like Tarragona, Sierra Espuna, Andalucia to mention a few.

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Sierra Espuna, Murcia

As part of a 3 day trip to the Murcia region in Spain, we spent a few hours checking out the Sierra Espuna national park which is situated 55 minutes from Alicante airport. The area is outstanding and offers an attractive proposition for the outdoor enthusiast and of course in our case, the keen cyclist.

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