A Beginner's Cycling Journey: Part 3 - The Bike!

When my father passed away two and a half years ago, I wanted to get something that would remind me of him.  After much thought and consideration, I decided upon a bike.  My thinking being, whenever I ride around this stunning countryside, he would be with me and I would think of him. 

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La Vuelta Espania 2018 - Andorra

It only seems like yesterday when I was been frantically driven in the commissionaires car around stage 10 of La Vuelta in Asturias.  I can't believe it was 2016. Well, we are already looking forward to 2018 Vuelta, and this time we get to visit the tiny region of Andorra, where we will spend 4 days sampling the challenging mountains on offer. In fact, we will get to ride stage 20 just before the Pro riders battle the 105Km distance and tackle the brutal Coll de la Gallina.

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To Bike or Not to Bike: That is the Question

So, why didn’t I get into cycling sooner?  I could fill this page with reasons (excuses?).  But here are some.  Maybe you can relate to some of them.


I haven’t got the kit and I haven’t got the money needed to buy it all.  You need to have the most expensive, right? I look at all the images of ladies in cycling lycra and they look amazing.  However, I don’t look like that and I certainly don’t look good in tight, figure hugging sports-wear.  Plus, my husband looks better in lycra than I do!


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A Beginner's Cycling Journey

A Beginner’s Journey … 

If you’re an experienced rider, you may not want to read any further – although you may want to read and reflect on your past experiences and offer tips and advice based on your own cycling journey.  If you’re a beginner or cyclist with little experience, then this blog may be for you.  

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Beginners Cycling Holidays

Whilst most cyclists are comfortable in jumping on an aeroplane and joining a group of riders in a foriegn country, there is growing number of Cyclists who would love to cycle in the warm sun  over winter or spring butare not quite comfortable either joining a group. So, why is this, well cycling in a group is often related to a group of riders racing up hills and having confidence to take it in turns and all that cycling etiquette.

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