Tarragona - A Journey Back in Old Roman Times

When you mention Tarragona, most people will ask, where is that? But ask people where is Salou or Costa Daurada, they will have an image of busy beach filled resorts and mass tourism, markets and bars. Taragonna is completely opposite and within a stone's throw of these popular busy seaside resorts. Tarragona is a port city in northeastern Spain’s Catalonia region. Many ancient ruins remain from its time as the Roman colony of Tarraco.

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Good Reasons to Cycling in Girona

One of the most visited cities in Spain is Girona, located in the most Northern Eastern tip of Catalonia, located in easy reach of the Pyrenees. A must cycling destination for many reasons, many of the Pro riders live and train in and around Girona. This is why its such a popular but underestimated destination? 

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Mollydoo Beginner's Week - Frequently Asked Questions

Mollydoo Beginner’s Week

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I ride regularly, on average 50km rides.  I’m not a beginner, is this the right cycling holiday for me?

A:  All of our cyclists have a certain level of cycling experience and fitness.  For most of our riders, they want to ride at an enjoyable pace (not racing) with other like-minded people. The distances we cover are around 50km and a certain level of fitness is necessary.


Q.  What if I’m really slow at going up the hills?

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