What is a Beginner?

I wrote a blog earlier this year about why join us on our Beginner’s Holidays.  Having had a summer of cycling, built up the miles in my legs and enjoyed the social side that cycling brings, I now look at our Beginner’s Holidays with different eyes.

When I went on our Lanzarote Beginner’s Week in April I was a ‘true’ beginner.  With very few miles in my legs, very little experience on the bike, and my longest ride being 25miles -  I was a beginner and I was extremely nervous going on it.  That said, I loved it!  And it filled me with the desire to continue cycling, which I did!

Since going on the Beginner’s Holiday, I have cycled 1751km and climbed 24,029m.  I’ve cycled my longest ever ride of 96km, participated in my first every sportive and I am now using cleats!  So, how do I feel about going on our Costa Daurada Beginner’s Holiday in March?  I can’t wait!  I’m no longer terrified of what lies ahead, but excited.  I’m excited to meet other like-minded people; I’m excited to ride somewhere I’ve never ridden before and I’m excited to learn from our amazing team out there.  I’m no longer the beginner I was 6 months ago, but I consider myself still a beginner – just at the next level!  I want to improve and I want to learn.  I want to become better at climbing and I want to learn how to become more efficient BUT I want to continue to enjoy riding and not feel the pressure of going fast or getting to the top of the hill in record speed.  I don’t want to worry about slowing people down, or being conscious if I'm at the back.  I want to enjoy looking at the scenery around me, I want to enjoy cycling with other people and most of all I want to enjoy being on my bike.

So, whether you’re a ‘true’ beginner or, like me,  at that next level and are wanting to improve and get better, then our Beginner’s Holidays are for you.

I look forward to seeing you on our next Beginner's Holiday in Costa Daurada in March 2019!  Come and join me and we can enjoy riding together!! 

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