Tenerife Cycling Camps and Holidays

We have been providing Tenerife Cycling Camps, Holidays and Daily Rides in South Tenerife for 2 years now and have certainly seen an increase in Cyclist to this Volcanic Island. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and probably one of the most demanding for the cyclist. Why, simply because it hosts Teide, the highest point in Spain, at 3,700+ metres and a potential 2,300+ m of climbing for the cyclist.

Cyclist flock to this island for a number of reasons;  it's on their bucket list of climbs.  At a whopping 47km from sea level at its longest ascent, it will give most keen cyclist a challenging morning.  There are alternative approaches to the top and we also offer assisted transfers to various points like San Miguel and Vilaflor, which can knock a third or half of the climbing off. We recommend you do this early in the week and then if you want to tackle the full Teide Ascent, do this later in the week.

Tenerife is not all about the mighty Teide though.  Take a ride along the west coast of the isalnd and see the beautiful Los Gigantes coastal rock formation.  Then take a climb up to the amazing Teno Mountains that offer the lush green side of Tenerife, Masca, which is situated just overlooking a small valley and sea harbour. The short climb up to Masca is a challenge with a 12-15% ascent in some places, although short in its delivery.

The East Coast of Tenerife also offers some spectacular views of neighborouging island of La Gomera;  some call this small island "Jurassica" with its own Eco system and unique plant speciies.  Given it's a short ferry ride across from Tenerife, we will be running day tours across here from Summer 2017.

Wether it's the might ascent of Teide or the Lush Green Teno mountains that attracts you to Tenerife, it's an island that offers everything for the Road Cyclist, afterall if it was good enough for Sir Bradley Wiggins and his team in 2012, then it certainly should live up to your expectations.

Mollydoo.com offers day rides, week training camps and flexible Cycling Holidays to Tenerife all year round.  With our all-inclusive packages, we can take care of everything, with flights, accommodation, transfers, guides, bike rental and a full hotel pick up service, so you can do what you love most, ride!

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