Ride Three Beginner's Week - Strictly Come Dancing on the Bike!

After yesterday’s rest day it was great to get out on the bike.  

The sign of a good guide is knowing how much to push and when to pull back.  Today we were pushed!!!  But we were willing and able. And what a sense of achievement.

We have climbed lots of hills and ridden down lots of hills!!  I can compare today’s ride to Strictly Come Dancing on the bike.  “Bend your arms.”  “Pedal position three and nine.”  “Heels back.” “Move your ass more to the back of your seat.”  “Chin up, look forward and don’t look down.” All of these things I chanted to myself on each descent. Who knew, going down hills could be so technical.  But what a difference this advice made.  It got me down the hills – not at speed, but safely and with a sense of achievement that I DID IT!!

Our ride took us first to Tahiche before heading out to Teguise where we climbed up to the Castle in Castello Santa Barbra.  What a climb! And what a view from the top!  After the hair raising descent the coffee and cake at the foot of the hill was much needed to refuel for the next stage of our tour.  

We then had the opportunity to stretch our legs along the long, smooth tarmac roads, passing through picturesque Montana Blanca and into Guime before looping back to San Batolome.  There we refuelled again with more cake and much need Coca Cola – under the instruction of our guide, Mick of course!  From there we climbed back up to Teguise before starting the long descent back to the hotel.  We rode a total of 61km and climbed 3080feet.  An amazing day out on the bike with lots of banter and laughter.

Today, for most of us, we have achieved more than we thought we were capable of, and when we looked up from the cafe to the castle on the top of the hill, we could not believe we’d done it.  But we did!  Well done everyone.

Tomorrow is our last ride and we’re all looking forward to something easier!

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