Mollydoo Beginner's Week - Frequently Asked Questions

Mollydoo Beginner’s Week

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I ride regularly, on average 50km rides.  I’m not a beginner, is this the right cycling holiday for me?

A:  All of our cyclists have a certain level of cycling experience and fitness.  For most of our riders, they want to ride at an enjoyable pace (not racing) with other like-minded people. The distances we cover are around 50km and a certain level of fitness is necessary.


Q.  What if I’m really slow at going up the hills?

A.  We’re not expecting you to race up the hills.  For those riders who are stronger, there are opportunities to go on ahead, and instructions are given of a suitable place at the top of the hill, to stop and wait. Our guide will then ride with the slower riders until all re-group.  There will be a short break before continuing with the ride. 


Q.  What distances are the rides?

A:  This can depend on the ability of the group but generally approx. 50km. 


Q.  What pace do you ride at?

A:  On average, the pace is between 15-20km per hour.


Q.  I’ve never ridden in a group before, does this matter?

A.  This is the perfect opportunity to gain experience riding in a group.  We purposefully keep our group sizes small, from 4-8riders.  This allows inexperienced riders to ride in a group without feeling overwhelmed.  It’s also perfect if you’ve had a knock in your confidence for whatever reason. You will be given advise from our guide whilst riding and learn different group riding techniques.


Q.  Will I need to take my own gels etc.

A.  An added bonus of cycling, is the coffee and cake!  These will keep your energy levels topped up and are all COMPLIMENTARY whilst out on the rides. 


Q.  Do most people go with a friend?  I’d be going on my own and feel very nervous.  

A.  When I went on my first Beginner’s Cycling Holiday, I learnt from all the other members on the holiday, that going it alone on these trips is the norm.  With the exception of one couple, all other members had booked as a single.  I promise you, you will make some great friends.  As well as getting to know each other when you’re cycling, there’s time to socialise afterwards too. 


Q.  Do I have to share a room with someone?

A.  No.  Obviously, sharing with someone helps keep the cost down.  However, there is also the option to have your own apartment.  (There will of course be a single supplement attached to this.)  For some, it’s nice to have your own space.  Others may prefer a bit of company.  It’s your choice, we can provide either option. 


Q.  It is just for ladies?

A.  No, men are welcome too.  However, the majority of those who go on our Beginner’s are ladies!

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