Lanzarote Beginner's Week Ride 4

Ride 4

Today was our last ride day and a ride to remember.

I didn’t think we could top yesterday’s but I think for all of us, today’s ride is the one we will remember the most and the one we are all most proud of.  I have loved each of the rides we have done, each day bettering the previous days in one way or another. 

If our guide had described the route before embarking on it, I don’t think we would have wanted to do it and we may have even given up before giving it a go.  However, he broke the tour up into manageable segments.  Our ride began on some of the roads ridden earlier in the week.  Feeling familiar and comfortable, we confidently rode on to our first coffee stop at a café we had visited on our first ride. 

From there we began our journey up to Mirador del Rio.   Segment by segment we rode.  Stronger riders had the opportunity to ride ahead and Mick guided and encouraged others up the hills.  We regrouped at certain points for a rest and a chat, before taking on the next section of the climb.  After 10km of climbing we arrived at the top. 

We all proved to ourselves that we were very capable, and the sense of achievement at the top was epic!

Mandatory photos taken next to the Mirador del Rio sculpture, we began our descent.  All 10km of it!  Again, section by section.  We were instructed on how to ride it, the sections we needed to take care of and which direction the wind was going to be.  Stronger descenders went first, whilst Mick hung back with other riders.  Regrouping at certain points before embarking on the next bit of descent.  Riding down the hills makes you realise how far up you’ve climbed; and the scenery is simply stunning.

At this point we were all ready to refuel - cake and coffee obligatory on each of our rides and ALL COMPLIMENTARY.  We were also educated on post-ride exercises, demonstrated to us by Mick! Fuelled-up and water bottles filled, we headed back to Costa Teguise.  Riding along roads now familiar.  All enjoying the long, smooth, endless tarmac that stretched out ahead of us.  Each of us riding and reminiscing over the rides and experiences of the week.

With a slight sense of sadness that the week of cycling was about to end, we all parked our bikes up at the hotel for the very last time.

What a week it’s been.  I’ve had the opportunity to ride with some amazing and truly inspirational people.  And the highlight for me, has been seeing people achieve what they perceived to be the impossible. We’ve all pushed ourselves to achieve more than we thought we were capable of.  Personally, I’ve learnt so much and I will definitely be hearing Mick’s voice passing on his words of advice, as I head down those Herefordshire hills. 

But it hasn’t all been about the cycling.  Yes, we’ve clocked up the kilometres – 250 in total and we’ve supported and encouraged each other along the way.  But as a group we’ve had lots of laughs too.  The social side of cycling is just as important.  We’ve started the day together at breakfast time and have enjoyed sharing our day’s successes over our evening meal and a few drinks.  We’ve been on sightseeing trips together, relaxed by the pool together and enjoyed the night-life in Costa Teguise!

All-in-all it’s been a brilliant week.  As a beginner, Lanzarote certainly has a lot to offer.  Under the direction of our experienced guides, there’s lots of opportunity to improve, practise and learn.  If you’ve been thinking about this Beginner’s Week, having now done it twice, I say, “Just go for it!!”

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