Good Reasons to Cycling in Girona

One of the most visited cities in Spain is Girona, located in the most Northern Eastern tip of Catalonia, located in easy reach of the Pyrenees. A must cycling destination for many reasons, many of the Pro riders live and train in and around Girona. This is why its such a popular but underestimated destination? 

In our opinion, best place to stay if cycling is the centre of the city itself, there is a great choice of hotels to choose from with many budgets to suit every pocket. We stayed in the Hotel Gran Ultonia, a good 4 star hotel near the old town. The old town in our opinion is the most interesting place to visit, one tip is to go bed & breakfast only at the hotel, this way you get to sample the many delightful cafes and restaurants located amongst the quaint and narrow cobbled streets in the evening, the atmosphere is traditional and relaxed, just what you need after a day out cycling in the Girona countryside. 

If you like tapas, then you will be in food heaven, the food is varied and the old Jewish quarters are a must visit, littered with small cafes, gift shops and historical buildings. The Cathedral, heavily featured in the Game of Thrones stands in the middle of the old town. 

So, is the cycling as good as they say? We spent two days cycling as part of the annual Sea Otter weekend (sportive) held in Girona, we were not disappointed. Thousands of cyclist arrive in June to enter the various organised road and MTB events, along with visiting the many top cycling brands exhibiting there. The town is a real buzz and the week follows with the official Girona Cycling Festival. 

One of the main reasons people love to cycle in and around Girona is, unlike the  Alps or higher Pyrenees, the hills are long but easy to medium gradients, enabling you to get a good pace ascending. David Miller is an ambassador of the area and highly rates the hills, the climbing is amazing with rewarding views, try out Els Angels, one of the more famous climbs out there, a nice 10Km stretch. 

Overall this is a fantastic destination that delivers great cycling, amazing food, good choice of hotels and some interesting history and above all is only 2 hours from most UK airports and reasonably cheap to fly there. 

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