Excited About Cycling

When Paul (my husband and co-founder of mollydoo.com) talks about cycling, he does so with such passion and excitement, and I never quite got it...that is, until now!

I've read your responses to my FB posts, and truly 'get' how you all feel about being out on the road and turning those pedals.

My transformation really began this year after my Lanzarote Beginner's Week. I didn't want the rides to end and couldn't wait to get back on my bike at home. But more than anything else, I wanted to continue to ride with like-minded people and share that excitement.

Local clubs don't seem to be a good fit, only wanting riders of a certain calibre, and Let's Ride and Breeze have nothing in my area. So, it was just me and my cycling buddy. However, our excitement and enjoyment for cycling has spread and within a matter of weeks we now have a group of six! With more wanting to join us.

What's great, riding with these ladies, is their enjoyment of what we're doing. You can hear laughter within the group and excitement in their voices. We're not in a race; we're not in competition with each other; we're enjoying this sport, the countryside and each other's company.

It makes me laugh because we even talk about padded pants, cycling kit, bikes, cleats, technique, the Tour de France and Strava! Indeed, the first thing we do when we get home is upload our Garmins and Fitbits and share our ride. We celebrate our personal achievements and feel like true pros when we watch our ride on relive!

My husband's excitement and passion for cycling is what our company, mollydoo.com, is built on, and I'm proud to say, now mine too.

Happy cycling everyone!

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