Day 1 - Mollydoo Cycling in Valencia

This week, Mollydoo was lucky enough to be invited by the Spanish Tourist Board to visit Valencia for a 4 day trip to explore the area and check what it had to offer for our clients.

The first surprise was the weather, its October and today it was 25 degrees, perfect for our first cycling adventure. Mollydoo is part of a group this week, we will be joined by other cyclists from the UK, Italy, Germany and Austria, all of which are looking to explore this southern coastal region of Spain.

Today was just a warm up ride to get the legs turning and I was taken out by 3 local cyclists, strong riders to say the least, they certainly put me through my paces. We started off just north of the city at the Olympia hotel, which is a specialist sports hotel, offering a bike friendly experience as well as a well equipped gym and spa facilities. We set off at 11:30 and made our way across the city towards the coast. I must highlight that Valencia is a very safe city to cycle in, plenty of cycle specific paths that run all around the city, perfect!

Once we reached the other side of the city, we headed out past the port and then took a turn into the country side which offered far reaching views of the lakes and rice fields, yes rice, total surprise, thought that was far east, you learn something every day.

On our way back through the city we stopped off to take some pictures of the museum, which boasts an unusual but stunning architecture, its surrounded by water, which almost looks like an Olympic sized swimming pool, see the picture in this blog.

Our first day was a warm up and very flat but tomorrow we head up into the mountains so lets see what that delivers, it will be a large group tomorrow so looking forward to that!

Bye for now until tomorrow whilst we explore more of the city tonight in Valencia….

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