Customer Story - Barbara and Roberts' Story

Barbara and Robert came on our Lanzarote Beginner’s Week in April.  Here’s their story:


In February we were really fed up with the terrible weather here in the UK, and frustrated at not getting out to cycle very much.  We were conscious that we were doing an event on 1 July, which was going to be so much harder than anything we had done before, and that at our age, no cycling for several weeks means all fitness disappears and starting again is very hard.   We do not belong to any clubs and are not your average cycling holiday MAMIL, who is used to rushing around and doing long distances.    When we saw a Beginner’s holiday advertised in Lanzarote in April, we thought that it would be the most perfect time and place to kick start our cycling again.  The cycling would be at an easier pace and not too much distance.  We felt we could cope with such a week!   We were proved right.  We met some lovely people who were all there for their own reasons, but essentially to cycle together at a pace that was not too taxing; to enjoy ourselves with plenty of coffee stops in between some climbing, with wonderful views of the volcanic terrain and fantastic downhills on lovely smooth roads.   Our guide, Mick, was an expert cyclist and teacher.  We learnt how to mend a puncture almost immediately on starting off on the first day when I unfortunately had a flat tyre.  This was the first of several very useful tips we picked up through the week.  


Robert and I really enjoyed our trip and we wish Paul and Amanda all the success in the world with their business providing a different type of cycling holiday for those of us who enjoy cycling but don’t want to ride great distances at a very fast pace, but just enjoy ourselves.


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