Costa Brava & Girona - A True Cycling Paradise

Cycle tourism on the Costa Brava and in the Girona Pyranees

On the Costa Brava and in the Girona Pyrenees there are lots of kilometres of routes and roads ideal for cycling with the family or with friends and for the competitive cyclist, all in complete safety.  The networks of greenways, paths for cycling and secondary roads is so vast that on a single trip you can discover small bays on the Costa Brava, mediaeval villages and also travel along Pyrenean trails.  It all depends on how inquisitive you are and how much your curiosity can take!!  There are endless reasons to explore unique spots, close to the sea or in the mountains, and to find the complicity that comes to those who ride bikes.

The prestige of Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava – Girona Bike Show

Girona and the Costa Brava host the prestigious Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava – Girona Bike Show in June , an event that is sure to become a point of reference in Europe and one that brings thousands of visitors and the best worldwide brands in the cycling industry to the city.  Brands that represent the bicycle sector in all its modalities:  clothes and accessories, technology applied to cycling, health and nutrition, urban mobility and tourist destinations specialising in cycle tourism.

The festival started in the United States with the Sea Otter Classic, which has been mobilising the cycling sector around the world since 1991.  In Girona, the event contains an extensive sporting offer and a great range of exhibitions and activities for all ages.

A paradise for professional cyclists

Girona is host to a large community of professional cyclists, from Canada, Australia, the United States and United Kingdom, among other countries, who use this city as their training base and a place for living and setting up businesses related to cycle tourism.  They are quite clear that Girona is a leading cyclist destination thanks to the large variety of routes in the region, its extraordinary climate and the excellent range of complementary services.

The fusion of asphalt and the landscape

Girona can be considered in its own right, a paradise for road cyclists.   Its extensive catalogue of secondary roads and mythical mountain passes enables you to travel the region from one end to another, with great long sections, winding stretches and continuous up-and-down, surrounded by exuberant plant life that shelters the asphalt and that gives the environment a permanent picturesque air. 

As your legs cover the kilometres, so the pace of sensations increases: that of the fusion between the sea and the mountains, the intense solitude that a cyclist experiences when suffering and the shared glory with the group when reaching the top of a mountain.  In the Girona Pyrenees and on the Costa Brava, bicycles and cyclists blend in with the landscape that seems to have been created and designed just for them. 

Saddlebag Cycling

A road to be travelled and a bicycle with saddlebags.  Can you see your destination? It doesn’t really matter, because what you feel is the path itself and the desire to pedal it, the emotion of conquering every metre and of not knowing that the route holds surprises that you can’t even begin to imagine.  The magic of cycle touring is being able to do it on your own or in a group, with a half-crumpled map on your handlebars or with intuition as your only travel companion.  Pedalling and enjoying the dusty paths, the endless fields of crops that change colour with each season of the year, the landscape of the Costa Brava and its gentle entrance to the heart of the Pyrenees.  It is the law of cycling, with time standing still in your favour and with an entire region to be discovered. That unwritten law that talks about getting to know new countryside, far from the city, unhurriedly and respectfully, along poetic, inviting trails.  The law that drives you to stop off in a lonely bay to take a dip and recover our energy so you can carry on pedalling until lunchtime, when you reach a village you will want to remember forever.  Why don’t you climb and start pedalling?

The diversity of the greenways

The old railway lines that used to link towns and their industry are today a carefully looked after network of greenways so that, from your bicycle, you can discover unknown places, from the heart of the Girona Pyrenees to the luminous Costa Brava.  Five greenways in all have been adapted, with very gentle climbs and different levels of difficulty, so that you can get to know an exceptional diversity of places.  You can take the Campdevanol Cami Ral iRamader (the Royal and Livestock Highway) in Gombren, the Iron and Charcoal Route between Ripoll and Ogassa, the Narrow-Gauge Railway Route between Olot and Sant Feliu de Guixols, the Caldes de Malavella Thermal Route in Cassa de la Selva or the Small Train Route which links Palamos and Palafrugell.

A landscape that changes at every turn

The greenways are routes that are suitable for all ages and physical conditions, ideal for exploring the former routes used for transporting minerals or passengers and goods.  In the Girona region, the network of greenways goes through five comarcas, or districts, some 30 towns and unique natural spaces such as the pre-Pyranees, the volcanic area of the Garrotxa, the Vall del Ter, the Deveses of Salt and Girona, the land near Les Vavarres and the Mediterranean coast.  From the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava, nature, gastronomy, leisure and experiences to be shared with the family or with friends while discovering a rich cultural, traditional heritage, from the highest mountains to the most remote bays, making the most of all the features that give each place its unique character.

Adrenaline also flows when you’re on your MTB

Even the inhabitants of the area discover new paths and different viewpoints of their landscape every time they ride their MTB in Girona.  The family of bicycles will enable you to delve into incredibly beautiful natural parks, discover mountain villages full of charm or experience the sensations of freedom and dizziness from the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava, with their lush, green areas and their crystal-clear waters, pedalling along paths that will almost take them into the sea.  Mountain bikes are a great ally in this wonderful landscape, and will also enable you to enjoy the nature, gastronomy, culture and art of the area at any time of the year.  You will find a whole host of routes, paths where you can try out your skills or frenetic descents that will waken all five senses as never before, in an environment that exceeds the expectation of any cycling fantasy.

A dizzying descent through the bike parks

La Monina Bike Park (Cerdanya) is a point of reference for MTB DH and endure modalities.  Making the most of the ski resort’s cable cars, it offers 13 downhill slopes for riders of all levels, a cross-country circuit and a wood park.  With departures from a height of 2,400 metres, they are particularly indicated for bicycles with dual suspension, although you do not need to have a great riding level to be able to enjoy yourself.  In all there are 27 kilometres of passionate, adapted routes and with all kinds of features that go through mountain pine forests and pass through places of great beauty, such as the Pal mountain pass or La Molina Lake.

Another paradise for those who enjoy endure and DH is the Pure Riding Bike Park d’Osor (Selva), with very long circuits that go from 900 to 300 metres in a vertiginous descent.  Wild paths through damp, cool forests of chestnut trees, careful worked routes in Canadian style, with footbridges and wooden bridges perfectly integrated into the landscape will delight the most demanding riders.  A bike park with technical, challenging circuits and different levels of difficulty.  You go up in a 4x4 vehicle.

MTB centres, cycling all year round

Girona has a comprehensive offer of MTB centres, open areas with free access, located in unique natural spaces, with different levels of difficulty and adapted and signposted for doing MTB.  There are a good number of these centres all over the region, aimed at all mountain bike fans, from beginners through to experts.  These are places where you can pedal calmly and safely and they offer a series of basic complimentary services for this sport:  a welcoming point with information, places where you can washi, hire and repair bicycles and a whole host of optional services that depend on the characteristics of each centre.  There are more than 2,000 kilometres of varied itineraries with different levels of difficulty that are signposted and exclusively for the use of mountain bikes.


The Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees is home to a range of accommodation options with different rates, sizes, types and rating:  from seaside or mountain hotels and apartments in busy tourist towns to stays in country farmhouses, beautiful campsites and internationally renowned resorts.  Some establishments are specialised in travellers who visit the area to practise outdoor activities, particularly cycling and hiking, and provide every amenity to make visitors feel right at home.


Culture in the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees means going back to the origins of civilization.  Visitors can discover, in order of age, megalithic monuments on the Albera and Gavarres massifs, prehistoric caves in Serinya, Iberian, Greek and Roman villages along the sea, particularly in Empuries, as well as examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau influence across the region.  Medieval samples are as impressive as Sant Pere de Rodes and Ripoll, still breathe the air of experiences thousand year old. 

Remnants of the medieval period still stand, like Sant Pere de Rodes and Ripoll, with their air of centuries-old tradition.

In recent years, artists like genius Salvador Dali opened a new perspective of our environmental and cultural landscape, reflected in unparalleled artistic creations.

In total, more than 55 museums and 550 monuments fill this land with culture and tradition.


The relationship between culture and cuisine is virtually inseparable, to the point that Salvador Dali said that, “beauty should be edible, or not at all.” The cultural perspective embodied by cuisine in our province today is a revival of its most innovative aspects at the hand of renowned chefs including Ferran Adria and the Roca brothers.  However, the culinary options that visitors can find in the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees is wide and varied, based on cuisine strongly linked to the land’s traditional roots.

The region’s cuisine is a culture to experience and enjoy with high standards and professionalism backed by internationally renowned restaurants.


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