Booking your cycling holiday can be exciting.  For some, this may be your first cycling holiday, and for others, maybe you’re seasoned cycling holiday makers. 


Like any holiday, you have to have trust in who you book with.  With so many on-line cycling holiday companies to choose from, it can actually be quite daunting and a little bit scary.  There are the companies who have been around for years and then there are newer companies like mollydoo.  This is our third year of business; we're established in the world of cycling holidays, and have a solid reputation built on great customer service and great products.  However, we are still considered new!


In this day-and-age, we have to be so careful of on-line scams.  Holidays aren’t cheap, and when you’re handing over your money you want to know you’ve handed that money over to a genuine company.  It’s not like the days of going into a travel agent and actually seeing the agent. 


Recently I booked a holiday for a lady and she said, “How do I know you are who you say you are?”  She was about to pay for her holiday and I thought that was a fair comment.  Before taking her money I advised her to check us out.  I pointed her in the direction of:

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
We are registered with them and ATOL protect all flight packaged holidays that are booked with us.

The Travel Trust Association (TTA)
When paying for your holiday, this is where your money is held – in trust. And it is held in trust until you’ve returned off your holiday.

Look at our FEEFO reviews.  See what people are saying about us. 

Facebook and other social media sites
See what we’re up to.  How regular are our posts?  Again, what are people saying about us on-line?

Companies House
Check our company is registered.


This, of course, just doesn’t apply to us.  If you’re booking any holiday on-line, before booking and if you’re uncertain, do your checks!

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