To Bike or Not to Bike: That is the Question

So, why didn’t I get into cycling sooner?  I could fill this page with reasons (excuses?).  But here are some.  Maybe you can relate to some of them.


I haven’t got the kit and I haven’t got the money needed to buy it all.  You need to have the most expensive, right? I look at all the images of ladies in cycling lycra and they look amazing.  However, I don’t look like that and I certainly don’t look good in tight, figure hugging sports-wear.  Plus, my husband looks better in lycra than I do!


I haven’t got a road bike.  You need a lot of money to get a good bike? What if I invest that money and I don’t like it.  It’s all far too technical and complicated – changing gears at the right time, in the right way, understanding which hands are for which gears – big cogs, little cogs, spinning, cadence ….


I’ve got no one to cycle with.  I couldn’t possibly go out on my own and I certainly wouldn’t want to show myself up by joining a club.  I would look foolish.  I’d be at the back of a group because everyone is better than me, and quite possibly struggling to get up and down the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.  Cycling with Paul isn’t an option as we have two young children and they need looking after by one of us.  I don’t want to do it alone…


I’m not going to be any good.  I’m not a strong athlete.  I go running but that’s it.  I’ll struggle to get up the hills and I don’t like going down them.  For those of you who know Herefordshire – you’re either up or down!  I would be totally embarrassed if I had to get off and push the bike and walk up the hill.  What if someone saw me?


I’m busy.  I have a job, I help my husband run, I have two children, a dog and a husband to look after and a home to run.  When would I fit it in?


Can you relate to this?  I could go on and on and on! 
Share some of your reasons.


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