The Beginning of the Beginner's Week in Lanzarote

On Saturday, seven Beginners arrived for a week of cycling in Lanzarote!

After an early morning start on Saturday and very little sleep, Sunday was a welcomed rest day and a great opportunity to get to know everyone.  As a group we visited Costa Teguise Market and enjoyed eating Tapas in a traditional Spanish Bar. Listening to people’s cycling journeys is really interesting.  It’s exciting to see ladies getting into the sport, for all different types of reasons and enjoying it! It really is a sport that brings people together, and anyone can do it.  All you need is a bike! 

On Sunday evening, our bikes were delivered and fit.  At this point the reality of the week kicked in!!  It’s exciting but there’s nerves too.  However, this can only be expected as you’re riding in a different country, on a bike you’ve never ridden before, with people you’ve just met.  Personally, I always think everyone is a better rider than me.  I forget the miles I have ridden and the hills I’ve climbed.  Somehow, that information seems to disappear from my mind, and I feel like a real beginner again.  The reality is, everyone feels the same.  We rarely give ourselves credit for what we can actually do and what we have achieved on our bikes.

Today, Monday, was the first ride day.  It began with Mick, our guide, coming to the hotel for a Welcome Breakfast.  This was a chance to quickly introduce ourselves, for Mick to explain the format of the day and more importantly, for him to put everyone at ease.  After breakfast we were off!!!

Mick always has a plan.  However, this isn’t set in stone and the first part of the ride is for him to assess our cycling ability.  The plan is then adjusted according to the group.  Today, we were doing a coastal route.   A route that didn’t involve too many hills!  At a steady pace, we rode out of Costa Teguise towards Mala.  Before we knew it, we were at our first coffee stop.  A chance to see how everyone was feeling; for Mick to give a little bit of riding advice and to share his plans for the remainder of the ride.

Our Beginner’s Week, from the very start, has attracted riders of a certain ability.  Riders who ride regularly, either alone or with a group of friends; they can comfortably do 50km and may have already done a Sportive or two.  They’re not true beginners in that sense of the word.  However, what appeals about this week, is the opportunity to ride with like-minded individuals who are of a similar level to you but don’t want to be in a race.  It’s an opportunity to learn, be guided, and encouraged to push yourself just that little bit further.  And today, we were all feeling good in the legs, and proving to be a little better than we thought we were! 

With that in mind, the plan changed to a slightly longer ride, and we were heading up to Orzola where we enjoyed our second coffee stop and some great cake. 

By this time, we were all so much more relaxed and feeling good about the ride.  The weather had also been kind to us throughout the day.  Working in our favour, the hot sun was masked by cloud, which made for a more comfortable ride.  The wind was kind to us today too!  With only a mild breeze on our ride back.  It certainly did help some people fly down the hills. 

We did 69km today and 598m of climbing at an average speed of 18.6km/h.  And to be honest, it really didn’t feel like we’d ridden that far.  We were all extremely pleased with that.  And to celebrate on our return, pizza and chips and a couple of drinks in the bar – taking full advantage of Happy Hour!  Coupled with a few hours of relaxation by the pool, soaking up the sun, looking at the photos taken throughout the day, and sharing our day’s experiences on the bike.

With today’s ride under our belts, we are all looking forward to tomorrow’s. 

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