A Beginner's Cycling Journey: Part 7 - My First Cycling Holiday

Going on my first cycling holiday was daunting.  There was so much to think and worry about.  What if I’m not fit enough? What if I’m the slowest and slow everyone down? What if I have the least experience? What if I can’t get up the hills and have to walk? What if I can’t keep up? I might make myself look foolish. The other members of the group will all be stronger than me and they might laugh.  I might not have the right kit, or the right water bottle or glasses!!!  As silly as some of this may sound, all of these things whizzed through my head and it took me a long time to agree to go on one…but I’m so glad I did! 

I talked myself in and out of it so many times.  What was stopping me?  SELF-BELIEF.

I had a training plan in my head to prepare myself for the trip, but weather and life got in the way.  So, with very few miles in my legs, and only ever ridden a maximum of 25miles before, I felt under prepared as I embarked on my very first cycling holiday.   

Was I nervous?  Without a doubt, but so too were other members of the group.  When my bike was delivered, I looked at it, and it was like I’d never ridden a bike before in my life.  The gears were different to my bike and the brakes were on the opposite side. But, I soon got used to it.

Was I the least experienced?  Yes!  Did this matter?  No!!  I rode an average of 50km a day over four days (the most I’d ridden ever).  I didn’t once get off my bike to push it up a hill and managed to ride safely down the hills – all-be-it at snail pace!  And when I arrived at the bottom of the hill the group were there to cheer me.

I embraced every moment of it; every challenge; every hill – up and down; the weather, the people, the guide and of course the coffee and cake!  I soaked it all up and gave it my all.   I achieved more than I thought I was capable of.  I proved to myself I can ride a bike and I am actually quite a strong rider. I absolutely loved it. 

Riding as a group, with like-minded people, who inspired me, was what I enjoyed the most.  We respected and supported each other and together we faced the day’s cycling and had fun.  It was a true team spirit. 

The main thing I came away with, from this holiday, was self-belief.  I am so proud of myself for what I achieved and I can’t wait for my next cycling holiday.  So, if you’re thinking about going on one and are a bit like me – just go for it!  You’ll love it!

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