A Beginner's Cycling Journey: Part 6 - Words of Wisdom!

I’ve been out on rides with a number of experienced riders, including one coach.  Each gave me different advice – some conflicting.  I’ve now found my own way of doing things; a way that seems to work for me.  It may not be technically correct, but I’m happy with it.  I manage to get up the hills (just) and down the hills (without too much braking!) However, here are some words of wisdom (from those with more experience than me)  I repeatedly say to myself when I’m out riding.


When I’m in the lowest gear possible and it’s still not getting any easier. “Let your bike do the work.”

When trying to find the right gear. “Keep your legs spinning.”

When I’m crawling up a hill.  “No bobbing.”

When I’m in pain going up a hill. (Doesn’t take much!) “No grimacing.”

When I THINK I’ve reached the top of the hill. “It’s a false flat.”


What words of wisdom do you hold on to or make you smile whilst you’re out riding that you’d like to share?

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Its all about hours in the saddle!

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