A Beginner's Cycling Journey

A Beginner’s Journey … 

If you’re an experienced rider, you may not want to read any further – although you may want to read and reflect on your past experiences and offer tips and advice based on your own cycling journey.  If you’re a beginner or cyclist with little experience, then this blog may be for you.  

I’m writing this blog with two purposes in mind.  The first, to motivate myself and get into shape for my up and coming Beginner’s Cycling Holiday in Lanzarote.   The second, to motivate others by sharing mine and other’s experiences.  Hopefully, this will be an interactive blog and people will share their experiences – funny, serious, helpful and otherwise!

So, it’s clear from my introduction I am not an experienced cyclist; Paul’s the experienced cyclist.  To him, it appears to come naturally.  He’s the one who’s cycled the length and breadth of the country; done crazy rides (all for charity) and tried and tested most of the rides we offer on our web-site.  And I’m the one who’s thought, at times, he was crazy!  At times I haven’t quite understood the need to ride the distances he has, gone out in the bad weather - the wind and rain, or climbed the hills, that if faced with, would make me want to cry.  What I have witnessed however, is the enjoyment and love of cycling; the happiness it has given him; the friends he has made and the experiences he has embraced and loved.  Memories that would last a life time.

For years I have watched and witnessed this.  So why haven’t I got on my bike and enjoyed this too? 

What’s stopped you from getting on your bike?

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