5 Reasons to Get into Cycling

It took me a long time to finally give in to cycling!  For years I’d watched my husband, Paul, enjoy the benefits this sport gave him; the enjoyment he got out of it and the friends he’d made.  In aid of charity, he and his friends had done crazy challenges on the bike and tested themselves to the limit. 

The changing factor for me came when my father passed away.  Riding for me is a way of remembering and a way of not forgetting.  It helps clear my mind and helps my soul. It also allows me to eat chocolate and cake!


So, here are the Top 5 reasons (given by our Facebook followers) for getting into cycling:

1.      Cycling is a low impact sport.  It’s joint friendly, and particularly good for when you’re recovering from an operation. 

2.      Cycling is a way to increase fitness.

3.      Cycling is a social sport.  It’s a good way to meet new friends, be a part of a club and ride with like-minded people. 

4.      Cycling is good for the mind and soul.  You can leave the house with the world on your shoulder.  Minutes into a ride and it’s floated away. 

5.      The coffee and cake!  Almost every ‘serious’ cyclist mentions the coffee and cake.

Above all, cycling is fun! 

I don’t know why it took me so long to listen to my husband and try cycling, but I’m so glad I eventually did!!


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