MTB in Costa Blanca

The terrain on the Costa Blanca is very diverse and so are the styles of riding.The close area around Moraira (say the triangle from Denia to Calpe on the coast towards Jalón more inland) is especially good for cross country riding. Rides are mostly on natural trails (i.e. not custom made for mountain biking). Each ride involves climbing but climbs are never too long or too steep, although there is the odd rock garden which makes descending fun / exciting. Trails are usually dry or dusty with a hard packed, rocky or gravel base.

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What is a Beginner?

I wrote a blog earlier this year about why join us on our Beginner’s Holidays.  Having had a summer of cycling, built up the miles in my legs and enjoyed the social side that cycling brings, I now look at our Beginner’s Holidays with different eyes.

When I went on our Lanzarote Beginner’s Week in April I was a ‘true’ beginner.  With very few miles in my legs, very little experience on the bike, and my longest ride being 25miles -  I was a beginner and I was extremely nervous going on it.  That said, I loved it!  And it filled me with the desire to continue cycling, which I did!

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Tarragona - A Journey Back in Old Roman Times

When you mention Tarragona, most people will ask, where is that? But ask people where is Salou or Costa Daurada, they will have an image of busy beach filled resorts and mass tourism, markets and bars. Taragonna is completely opposite and within a stone's throw of these popular busy seaside resorts. Tarragona is a port city in northeastern Spain’s Catalonia region. Many ancient ruins remain from its time as the Roman colony of Tarraco.

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Good Reasons to Cycling in Girona

One of the most visited cities in Spain is Girona, located in the most Northern Eastern tip of Catalonia, located in easy reach of the Pyrenees. A must cycling destination for many reasons, many of the Pro riders live and train in and around Girona. This is why its such a popular but underestimated destination? 

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